Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fossil Hunting but Not Finding

June 7, 8 & 9

Sunday morning we attend the small church in whose parking lot we are camping.  It is refreshing to be among fellow Christians again and our souls feel refreshed after a few weeks of lackluster church experiences.  The pastor and his wife invite us over for lunch and we enjoy an afternoon of friendship and food.  Shortly after returning to our Airstream, there is a knock on the door and another family invites us over for dinner.  Their yard is fenced and the pugs can come too!

Otis and Murray are soon friends with their little Cairn terrier, but as soon as their kids come out, Murray becomes erratic and unstable.  This really is a problem and I fear he may bite one of them, so back in the Airstream the pugs go.  

Dinner is full of laughter and new friends and we chat late into the night.  

Monday morning is less than ideal.  I spend several hours being violently sick, but by late afternoon I am well enough to sleep.  Hubs takes such good care of me and I live to tell the tale.  That pretty much sums Monday up.

I wake on Tuesday feeling like a million bucks.  The sun is shining and we have been invited to go fossil hunting with a man from the church who is an absolute wealth of knowledge.  

Our guide for the afternoon
Finding a fossil (from a dinosaur) is one of my life goals and this may be my chance to catch one.  

The fossils must all be hibernating this time of year, but the petrified wood is out in herds.

After a rain, rivulets of water cut through this crumbly, clay-like soil and all sorts of goodies can be found in these washes.  

Prickly Pear cactus produce blooms that begin pink and turn yellow. 

Spot the Scorpion

Have I found a petrified dinosaur nose?  Our guide tells me it is "Leeverite"…you know, like Leev-er-rite there.  

I find several other specimens of leeverite, code for "just a rock" as we wander over mounds and into crevices. 

We are finding the West to be a place of colors.  The very dirt is full of beauty.

I don't find my dinosaur, but spending hours in high desert with a knowledgeable host and playing in the dirt makes a great day in my book.


Heart Mountain in the hazy distance
Later in the evening we drive to our spot for the night: the camping pad of a family in the church.  They kindly invite us to park for as long as we please and even offer us the use of their showers!  

Night brings heavy wind that rocks our camper, then driving rain.

We are thankful, once again, to have our warm, relatively safe and dry home...just as long as we don't blow away.  

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