Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cloud Spotting and a Hike

May 27

Our new friends leave early this morning, but not without putting a kind note and some edible goodies for us and pugs on our table.  Otis and Murray get to work devouring the marinated milk bones as the temperatures creep higher here in Badlands National Park.  

But we are prepared and the pugs each get a cool pack on his back and some ice cubes to chew on.

New neighbors arrive and at first I am skeptical, then impressed, with their sleeping arrangement.


The people-watching here is almost as interesting as the wildlife!

Clouds begin piling up in the distance...

...until at last a blast of cold air tears through the valley and everybody dashes into their tents and trailers for sweaters and long pants.

With the cooler evening air, we go for a hike in the hills. 

Coming over the crest, the soil goes from crumbly dirt to a hard packed chalk-like surface.
Perhaps a very messy artist spilled their box of pastels up here
The thunderstorm once again misses our valley, making for a spectacular sunset.

At the top of this particular hill hikers have erected cairns, but most of them are boring and I set about making the most unbalanced, awkward cairn I can.
An evening well spent?

No matter how unusual I can make a thing, I find God's creation to be infinitely more complex and beautiful.

While pugs didn't get to go with us this time, they are always on our minds.

The best-lookin' I have ever been!

On the way back to camp, coyotes post on coyote facebook what they had for lunch today:

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