Monday, June 9, 2014

Big Times in Belle Fourche

June 2

Birds and bugs and our little nomadic clan are the only inhabitants of Belle Fourche Reservoir this morning.  The gravel loop around this peninsula has many off-shooting dirt paths so Otis, Murray and I go exploring while Hubs gets some work done.  There isn't much to do here except fish and watch clouds and hope somebody comes to empty the overflowing dumpster.  

Western Grebes dive for their suppers.  Their courtship dance is worth watching.

While beautiful, this place is plagued by gnats.  They don't bite, but we almost need screens for our nostrils just to keep from breathing them in at times.  They gather in staggering numbers and follow the pugs around in clouds.

Here's a thing!  Let's land on it!

I am amazed by the stupidity of gnats.  They have no concept of personal safety and will get squished or swatted without taking any evasive maneuvers.  They fly in bumbling, idiotic circles with no plans for the future.  

Wait, isn't that what we are doing?

But our circles are more scenic.

A man with a van shows up and starts setting up a very strange tent.

Hey Mister!  Your tent is blowing away!

Fortunately, the man has his tent on a string and is soon attempting to use it as a means to surf.  

Wish I had thought of that!

I spend part of the day scrubbing the floor and cleaning, then we head into the town of Belle Fourche to drop off a UPS package.  

I wish I had read the sign stating the maximum size of package that could be stuffed in the box.  My package is about two inches larger than that, resulting in this scenario:

Hubs with his arm stuck in a UPS drop box.

We are able to extract him and leave the box and the rest of the day is spent in the windy solitude of our private peninsula.


  1. Hi there! It was great meeting you guys and worshiping with you this past Sunday. Praying the Lord's blessings and wisdom upon you as you continue to earnestly seek his will for your life.

    If you have a minute, please check out my blog at

    Soli Deo Gloria!

    1. Hi Nick! We enjoyed getting to know you and your family and are overwhelmed with the kindness and hospitality shown to us by the church. We checked out your blog on Sunday night and have bookmarked it for future reading. It is very well written, although the bit about buying an RV and touring the country collecting seashells and playing softball stung a little. Hopefully you saw more into our hearts and needs than what this surface-scratching blog provides. :)