Thursday, June 12, 2014

Almost To the Bighorn Mountains

 June 5

The weather is so nice, it is almost a shame to move camp today.  I take the dogs for a long walk while Hubs reads up on towing through mountains.  

We are in need of groceries and a dump station, and the large town of Gillette, WY is between us and our destination for the night.  

We get gas and stop at Wally World where we do our grocery shopping for the week and see the Wizard of Walmart.

Maybe he is just going to a costume party...I hope...

Our next chore is to locate a dump station.  The Flying J costs $10, which is about $10 too much. A few phone calls later, we go in search of "Fishing Lake Park", which apparently is a colloquialism for the actual park named Dalbey Memorial Park, which takes our stinkables and doesn't cost us a dime.  

If you are trying to find this free dump station in Gillette, Wyoming, go south on HWY 59 until you come to Ostlund Street.  Turn left.  Then your next left, then another left.  This will land you on a paved loop with a double-sided dump station.  It is free and has rinse water, but no potable water.  

Our destination for the night is a free boondocking spot at the eastern base of the Bighorn mountains.  Along the way we see lots of cattle grazing on the range and a property strewn with old cars, buses, campers and mobile homes.  I don't know how else to account for the chaos and have to resort to monsters.

We catch our first glimpse of the Bighorn Mountains.  It is difficult at times to see where mountain ends and sky begins.  

Our camp site is in the Tongue River Canyon in Dayton, WY.  Traveling about three miles down a dirt road, we arrive at our camp site for the next couple of days.  There is a river that cuts through the canyon and it nearly laps over the road in places.  Heavy mists and fog prevent us from seeing much of the surroundings, but we are exhausted anyway and don't have much of an appetite for adventure this evening.

That will have to wait until tomorrow.


  1. Your grandfather had a trailer wrecked in Gillette, Wyoming. A fuel delivery truck sideswiped it and left all of our unmentionables flapping in the breeze. Back home in Indiana, he received notice that his driving privileges in Wyoming had been suspended for failing to file all necessary accident reports. His answer was, "Don't care. I'm never going back there again anyway."

    1. That makes me smile. Good for him! I wonder if driving privileges are "grandfathered" here in WY.