Tuesday, May 27, 2014

To Mitchell, South Dakota

May 20

Most of this morning does not bear mentioning either.  Chasing electrical gremlins, we don't have a good handle on the problem until nearly three in the afternoon and with a six hour drive yet to the Badlands of SD, we decide to spend another night in the Menno basketball court and head out early for the last leg of our trip.  

Then we change our minds.

Why not drive to another campsite by a lake a few miles down the road?  After passing the sign for it, the open road calls strongly to us and we just keep driving.  

Maybe we will stop in the next town down the road at another lake campground.

Then we pass that too.

It is just too nice out not to drive.

We stop in Mitchell, SD to stock up on food and provisions for the next two weeks.  There is a Cabela's in Mitchell and we both need day packs.  

The mountain of dead animals inside of Cabela's is most impressive, as are their mammoth aquariums, but what I like the best is the store's very RVer friendly attitude.  

A separate RV and truck lot provides long parking spaces, a free dump station and water fill, and even outdoor kennels to put your dogs in so they don't roast in the car while you shop.  

We move on to Walmart and buy groceries and an atlas with a ring binding after Illinois through Michigan falls out of our old one.  

The whole west end of the Walmart parking lot looks like an RV convention.  Generators hum and campers are in their quad chairs watching the parade of shoppers streaming in and out of Walmart.

There are still a few hours of light left and we don't want to spend them in these surroundings, so we keep driving.  

We visited the Corn Palace in Mitchell four years ago and pass on that particular national treasure this time around.  It is worth not stopping for.

The sun is setting as we cross the Missouri River on I-90. 

I am not finding any cheap or free places we can stay for the night, so we pull off the interstate and wind up in a gas station parking lot for the night.

I tally up our receipts for the month so far and calculate our mileage.  Strange…our MPG average is actually better since we left on this trip than it usually is.

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