Friday, May 2, 2014

Sputnik GOES!

April 30 - Launch Day!

The plan was for me to run errands in the morning while Hubs got everything packed up, then we would take off by 2 in the afternoon and arrive in our arranged boondock spot in central Indiana at about 4.

By 3 we are hitched up and ready to pull out.  Hub's dad takes a listen to our trailer brakes and finds they are not working.  There is no power coming from the "brakes" pin on our 7-pin connector running from the car.

He asks where the brake controller in the Touareg is.

"Brake controller?  What's a brake controller?"

After researching everything from the chassis paint to the hitch, somehow I had missed that we needed to have this brake controller thing installed in our car.

"The car has a tow package...that should make car and trailer go, right?"

Go, sure.  Stop, not so much.

The day has come to leave and I am not going to let a silly thing like not being able to stop get in the way of going.

We will get a brake controller installed at our next stop.

With a two hour drive planned, we pray and then roll out of the shop parking lot.

I have pictured this moment hundreds of times in my head.  Richard Strauss is personally conducting an orchestra playing Also Sprach Zarathustra and rays of sunlight are streaming down through the clouds, calling us toward the open road.

Well Richard Strauss has been dead for 65 years and it is overcast and chilly.  On the other hand, the roads are dry and there is no wind.

There are some roads that are a pleasure to drive on, and this is one of them.  Wide and smooth and almost no traffic.

We go through some small towns, and through that town with all of the wind turbines.  I don't know the name of it because I am always looking at my feet when we drive through.  Maybe it is irrational, but I have a fear of large moving objects.  That scene in Titanic that shows the engine pistons should be explanation enough.  Yup, wind turbines are much too big. Huge three-bladed turbines dot the landscape and crowd the skyline.  Silently spinning, they are almost hypnotic to watch en masse.  

Maybe if I give myself a sense of scale.

So really, they are only that big.  I can handle that.

Incidentally, one hand was required to hold the ipad and the other for scale, so I took this picture with my nose.  It is harder than it sounds.

We pass a liquor store with a marquis that reads:

You are the reason she drinks.
Mother's Day is May 11th

Otis and Murray are in the back seat.  Murray is trying to sleep while Otis is panting and whining and driving us both crazy.  Normally the laid-back of the two, Otis turns into a terror in the car.  He keeps this up the entire drive.

We finally pull off a busy road into a gravel driveway that is marked as our destination on the GPS.  Nobody is at the house, but we do see several people chasing some pigs around in a large yard to the side.  Are we in the wrong place?

Maybe it is the next drive down.  I get out with the walkie talkie and give directions for Hubs to back out onto the busy road.  This is not going to be easy.

The man who was herding pigs comes jogging over and tells us we are in the right place.  His name is Josh and he points us to the side yard.

"You can park anywhere in that field.  Probably the best place is between that pole and that pile of logs."

He isn't concerned about tire tracks and he even mowed the field before we arrived. 

We pick out a level spot and unhitch.

A pig wanders over looking for a handout.  The two pigs are 4-H breeder pigs and I am instantly in love.  The curly tails, the plaintive snorts...oh wait I already have two.  Otis and Murray are having none of this.  They yap angrily at these strange creatures with no idea that they contain some of their favorite foods.  

What a wonderful nose!  

I plant Gertie our guard-flamingo next to the Airstream as a flock of curious chickens trot toward us.

After everything is level (I set a can of green beans on the floor and if it doesn't roll, we're good to go) we thank God for our safe arrival, lock up the trailer, and start driving...

Gertie says goodbye to her soulmate.

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