Friday, May 30, 2014

Over the Next Hill

 May 24

How do you know vacation is working?  When you don't know the date, aren't sure what day of the week it is, and your watch tan-line has disappeared. 

Much to my surprise, the swarm of campers that showed up last night filter out by mid-morning.  This being Memorial Day weekend, I figured the Sage Creek campground would be packed with people staying, but most campers seem to hurry off to their next destination.

Not us. We linger and loaf about in this wilderness wonderland.  

Leaving the pugs in the Airstream, we pick a hill in the distance and head for it.  Don't worry, though.  Otis and Murray get walks several times a day on the dirt road and loop around camp.  The wilderness is no place for fat little pugmuffins who don't know what a cactus is.  

Many wildflowers are blooming now and I enjoy looking at the flowers and not worrying about weeding around them.  

Sage is prolific in these hills and the gentle scent wafts in the breeze.

We reach the top of our planned hill, then see another. 

Let's climb that one too!

Humans are strange creatures.  I doubt if any other of God's terrestrial creatures put so much effort into seeing.  Why did we climb that hill?  We weren't hungry or thirsty, nor was it any safer or more hospitable over that hill.  We just wanted to see.  We expended unnecessary energy just to go look.

We are so blessed that all of our necessities are provided for so that we can go look just to see.  

The top of the second hill yields more panoramic beauty.  

Our camp is in the far right-hand side.  
Every step is a different color.

We give the grazing buffalo a wide berth and take the long route back home.  

Crossing the narrows of Sage Creek, there is something unappealing about the color. 

Could this be beaver work?

Later in the evening I notice that I have acquired quite the sunburn.  Hubs just turned deeper tan.

After dinner, we climb the opposite hill as the last vestiges of sunlight slide over the horizon.

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