Sunday, May 11, 2014

Driveway Livin'

May 7

 We still sit in my parent's driveway, waiting for the VW parts to arrive.  In the mean time, I am trying to sew my whole summer wardrobe.  I can never find shorts that I like, so I make my own pattern and churn out a few pairs.  

My parents live on a lake, making for a great view while I work.

Otis and Murray are thoroughly enjoying their perch high above the water.  Otis is mesmerized by the geese, ducks, and little swallows that zip back and forth looking for bugs.

Murray watches for my sister's cat.

The dogs and cat are separated by a small gate in the house, and normally manic Murray goes stiff as a board and quiet as a mouse whenever he sees the cat through the gate.  He can sit for a half hour at a time in this uncharacteristic trance, just waiting for the cat to make a move.  

At our former house, we had a cement boston terrier statue that would guard our front door and the dogs would occasionally "water".  

The neighbor here has a real boston terrier that likes to bask motionless in the sun.  Murray sees him, but thinks he is of the cement variety and doesn't react.  

"Oh they have one of those pee-on dogs too.  Can I mark it?"

After such a busy day of watching cats, dogs, bugs and birds, they are exhausted.  

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