Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April Money Round-Up

During April, we were parked without hookups at the shop until the very last day of the month, on which we started our trip.  I suspect that a good quarter of our gas for the month was used up in Reverse as we practiced backing up and hitching.  

Groceries: $313

Eating Out: $20.56

Camping Fees:  Zero!

Auto Fuel: $244.98

Propane: $27.02

Clothing: $29.95

Pug Care: $60.01

Health/Medical Care: $0

RV Maintenance/Supplies: $0

Internet: $50 for 5 GB

Miscellaneous: $20.81

Total: $766.33

Miles Traveled to Someplace Interesting: 90, if the exact center of Indiana can be considered someplace interesting...

Notables for the month:

*the pugs met their first chickens and pigs
*we drove over 40 MPH for the first time ever while hitched
 *we set up "camp" for the first time
*we discovered the term "brake controller" and realized we didn't have one

p.s. any purchases through our Amazon store are greatly appreciated, cost you nothing extra, and make me believe that maybe possibly we can actually pull this lifestyle off!

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