Monday, May 5, 2014

Anderson, Indiana

May 2

We didn't come to central Indiana for the view, let me tell you.  

My family lives here and we have several occasions to celebrate this time of year.  One is my Dad's birthday and the other is our anniversary, so we decided to spend a few nights visiting before we left for the west.

Rich, delicious food abounds and we are stuffed to the gills.  

But we still don't have a way to activate the trailer brakes and continue our search for a brake controller. Hubs calls Modern Trailer Sales in Anderson, who say they can do it and it will cost $200.  

We make the hike over to Anderson and wait for an hour and a half in their showroom while the car is being worked on.  

I am astounded by the RVs they have.  They are so big!

Some even have slide-outs that contain only a closet.  Hubs pokes in every cupboard and joint, critiquing the quality of the build.  He is used to installing solid-wood interiors and is a meticulous craftsman, so neither of us are very impressed with these trailers that look like they have been slapped together.  

Modern Trailer Sales has a good selection of RV and camping accessories, though they are overpriced.  

Finally a frazzled-looking tech comes over and tells us that the Touareg does not have the wire that goes through the wiring harness to the 7-pin connector and they don't know how to install it.  The dealerships have been no help.

Hubs and I leave frustrated, though glad that they didn't charge us for the hour and a half it took them to figure out they could do nothing.

We go to our favorite local dive called the Lemon Drop. 

It is old, seats only a handful of people, and gets my vote for Most Likely to Have a Grease Fire, but the food is great and there is a little train that runs on a track near the ceiling. 

This is not really the way we anticipated spending our sixth wedding anniversary, but we got fantastic burgers and get to go home to our happy pugs and our happy home.  

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