Monday, April 14, 2014

Sputnik Goes: Outside!

With temperatures nearing 70, it is perfect weather to move outside.  We hitch up for the first time, back out of the shop, and nestle Sputnik between the shop and the dumpster.  How's that for scenic?

But I don't even care!  We are outside in the sunshine and breezes and have a great view out the bedroom window of a big green lawn and a little pond.

For being in an industrial park, there is a surprising amount of wildlife.  Several Canadian goose couples eye the small pond as potential nesting ground until Otis catches sight of them and chases pairs of squawking geese into the water.  He spends a few minutes chastising them from the shore until he gives up and runs back home to his water dish.

The one bird Otis isn't very interested in is Gertie, our guard flamingo.

The humans are cramming in as much social time as possible before our imminent departure and the pugs are getting their share as well.

Otis and Murray have another play-date with Tater the pug at Tater's new fenced in yard.  Murray and Tater snarl and chomp each other, eyes bulging, barreling around the yard with tails unfurled in the wind.  Otis sits by the people and watches in dignified disgust.  He finds Tater's prized stuffed duck and tries to take it home with us.

Several friends stop by, including fellow Airstreamers and blog-readers Don and Kim (Hello!).  We treat their poor friends to a lively discussion about black tanks and macerator pumps.  I have to remind myself that normal people don't find sewage to be appropriate casual conversation.

I do learn, however, that lobsters emit noises which attract sharks if you hurt them.  See, Don and Kim lived on a boat in the Bahamas and know a lot about holding tanks and lobsters.  Good people to know in a pinch!

On these warm spring evenings I find myself thinking about how blessed we are.  Maybe it isn't everybody's dream to live in an Airstream, but it is perfect for us!

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