Thursday, April 24, 2014

Parking Practice

 Today's Imaginary Vocabulary Word: 
Gorp - verb.  to stare unabashedly and uncomprehendingly

April 17

Hubs gets off work an hour early, so we decide to hitch up and head to the local high school parking lot for some backing practice.

While Hubs takes the Touareg in for an oil change, I pack up all of the items that could slosh about and wash dishes.

I don't know how hitching would be possible without a backup camera.  In most circumstances, Hubs and I communicate very well.  Apparently I completely lose all ability to make myself understood when shouting " LEFT....NO THE OTHER LEFT!"  It really isn't Hub's fault.  I give directions like "Come towards me, then too far, now SWOOP!  MAKE THE ANGLE!"

So we switch.

He doesn't become tongue tied when his wife who has only done this once before drives our only car backwards toward our irreplaceable home with all of our possessions in it.

We finally have success, hitch, check and recheck everything.  We pull slowly out of the driveway and head towards the hardware store with Hubs behind the wheel.

ACE - The Expensive Place

The drive is smooth and uneventful.  Hubs purchases a link for the breakaway chains while I count the Amish gorping at our trailer.

If you ever drive behind a buggy, you will notice that the children in particular will stare at you like they have never seen a car or human before.  It isn't the stare of most children, who will look abashed and turn their eyes if you catch them staring.  It is like they are staring at a monkey in a cage, mouth agape and uncomprehending of what they are seeing.  How can they do this EVERY time they see a car on the road?  Wouldn't the novelty wear off?  Their school teachers and fellow students are all "English", yet they still gorp.  They do it in line at the grocery, at the bank... Once hubs looked down at a pint-size staring up at him in line and finally said matter-of-factly "Don't stare."  The kid was shocked, as if a critter incapable of speech had just spoken.  Like Charlton Heston had just told off Dr. Zaius.

Buggies through the back window

Wait, wasn't I talking about our trip?  Okay, back on track.

We head for the high school parking lot and do some backing and parking.  We both manage to parallel park the rig.  It was actually not so hard, but then again we were in an empty lot with nothing to run over.

We both notice that everything seems bouncy.  Almost like the trailer is hopping from wheel to wheel and making the Touareg shake with it.

I take the wheel and drive us back to our spot between the shop and dumpster.

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