Saturday, April 5, 2014

March Money Round-Up

I lied.  I am a liar.  I said I would not post until we were up and gone, but here I am posting again.  But we HAVE set a leaving date, and the clock is ticking down the days.  But I am still a liar.  So it could be years.

Expenses for March

Groceries: $278 

Eating Out: $71 

Camping Fees:  Zero!

Auto Fuel: $218

Propane: $17

Clothing: $96 - More fabric and some new shirts for Hubs.

Pug Care: $57 - Dog kibble and some hamburger meat.  Incidentally, I am now mourning the loss of my slippers because Murray ate his whole dinner of raw ground beef in ONE bite (imagine a python swallowing a deer) and then yarped it up into my slipper half an hour later.
Some things aren't worth fixing.

Health/Medical Care: $48 - Does not include insurance yet.

RV Maintenance/Supplies: $0

Internet: $50 for MiFi

Miscellaneous: $232 -Vehicle registration renewal for car and RV

Total: $1,067

Miles Traveled to Someplace Interesting: Zero

Other expenditures include tithe, books, and gifts, which we aren't trying to keep as low as possible and are not really helpful for others in estimating the costs of full-timing, and therefore will not be included in monthly money round-ups.


  1. Thought about you and Sputnik today when I saw these "Cosmic Melamine Plates" They come in an oval and as salad plates - on one of favorite websites SPUTNIK!!! :-)))