Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Cost of Living and a Short Diatribe About Sunglasses

I finished up our budget for February and have concluded that it is too expensive to sit still.

Costs to Be Alive in February:

Groceries: $365 - This was way over our goal and usual cost of about $60/week

Eating Out: $90 - Ideally this number would be zero, but Hubs sometimes has to be away during mealtime due to work, gets desperate and goes to Long John Silvers.  I'm pretty sure that is not even food.  This number also includes a schmancy restaurant for Valentine's Day.

Camping Fees:  Zero!

Auto Fuel: $130

Propane: $20

Clothing: $64 - We bought several yards of fabric and two pairs of polarized sunglasses for driving, which were worth every penny...unless they had been more pennies.  More on that later.

Pug Care: $120 - Annual checkups and vaccines for both.

Health/Medical Care: $180 - This number does not include health insurance costs yet, since Hubs still has health insurance through work.  This was an unusual month with some high-dollar expenses in this category.

RV Maintenance/Supplies: $74

Internet: $50 for 4G (5 GB)

Miscellaneous: $285

Total: $1,378

Miles Traveled to Someplace Interesting: Zero - this does not mean that we are currently someplace interesting.  Good thing it took no miles to get here.

There were also some other expenses that were so far outside "normal" that they would not be useful to anybody in estimating the real-life costs of full-timing.  One was our ProPride hitch and another was an ipad mini.  We both have real clunkers for cell phones, neither of which even know what an "app" is.  The solution was an ipad and Verizon Jetpack so we can better find our way around, locate dump stations, boondocks, etc.

This was an unusual month in many ways since we are still amassing items to make our prospective lifestyle easier.  This included "nesting" items like laundry hampers and cooking utensils, annual items like tax preparation, and once-every-15-years items like passports.  As long as we stay here, I will still be in "getting ready" mode and continue buying frivolous things like "dental checkups" and "oil changes" until we are broke.  We had better leave now before I can fritter all of our money away.

About those sunglasses.

I thought I would be generous and allot ourselves $50 each to get an extra nice pair of polarized sunglasses.  We were forced to make a trip to the mall anyway, so we may as well make the best of it and stop at the Sunglass Hut for our little splurge.  

I must have made our sunglass budget in 1960, because the cheapest pair of sunglasses was about triple what I expected.  And they were made out of plastic!  The salesman showed us around racks of Oakleys and Guccis before we each selected a pair of Maui Jim's.  If Jim was really all that cool, he would have made his glasses $50 each instead of $279.  I figured the mall prices were inflated and I would be able to go home and get them on e-bay for my desired price.  Wrong Again.  

I finally settled on a $20 pair from Amazon and got one for each of us.  They don't fit all that well or look very nice, but they get the job done and I won't be sad when they fall from my head and are crushed beneath the thundering hooves of the wild buffalo I am riding.  

Does anybody else's trip out west look like this in their heads?

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  1. i must say, i'm enjoying your blog and beauty sense of humour, along with those wild pictures, very creative. I'm wondering when your going to hit the road, course, your probably wondering that too!! Keep up the good work...

    1. Thanks Gary! Yes, we are wondering too. I shop through the local weather forecasts for the ones that look the warmest...just waiting for the roads to be clear and warm!