Monday, February 10, 2014

No More Paper Towel!

I strongly dislike buying paper towel.  It is expensive and it creates mountains of trash.  To avoid buying it, I got a 24 pack of microfiber towels from Amazon for a paltry $12.

They absorb lots of water and dry quickly.  I use them for everything from drying the car to wiping counters, drying dishes, and washing my face (all different cloths, mind you).

But now I have 24 of them.  

They can't go in the dryer, so on laundry day I must find a place for them to hang dry.  

Isn't it wonderful when you find that you are completely prepared for something unexpected? A couple of weeks ago I assembled a first aid kit for the dogs based on my dog-trainer/groomer-friend's advice.  She recommended keeping a bottle of eye wash handy, so I bought one.  

Yesterday, Otis started squinting at me.

Otis held very still and after a few tries I was able to flush the offending object out.  

Good Dog.

Now for a treat....

We are out of cheese!  Gasp!

Check the freezer.

I had boiled chicken the night before and poured the stock into ice cube trays and put them in the freezer.  

The pugs went wild for them.  

Since there is quite a bit of fat in the bouillon, they don't freeze hard like normal ice cubes and crush quickly when chomped on.  

We may have found a substitute for cheese!

p.s. Thanks so much for shopping through my Amazon store!

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