Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Lifetime" Warranty

One of the happiest parts of my life is waking up with my two fuzzballs.  

I turn on my most sugary voice and say "Good Mooooorning Murrrrray", causing one of the bumps under the covers to migrate towards my head.  A second later Murray's corkscrew whiskers pop out and a pink tongue tries to molest my nostrils.


Another bump appears and disappears several times as Otis wags under the covers.

Once all of the warm people leave the bed, the pugs huddle together for warmth.

The temperature outside is dipping back into the single digits for the highs as my thoughts turn towards spring.  As an habitual gardener it is difficult to imagine spring without planting bulbs.  

Last week I made Hubs sniff a raw potato because it smelled like wonderful dirt.  

It is impossible not to pick up orchids when they are on clearance for $7.

I am always amazed by God's creativity when I spend time with flowers.  

There is no way I would ever have thought up that design, let alone been able to make it grow and reproduce!

We are still plugging away on the finishing touches. I was able to salvage the original "lifetime warranty" from the original closet door with the help of a putty knife and a garment steamer. The librarian who I asked to laminate it looked doubtful of her success, but managed to get all of the fractured corners through with the main piece.  The finished product is now mounted onto the new closet door.  

Do you think Airstream will still honor the warranty?

A moment in the day of the pugs:

The pugs used to have a large bell tied to the door of our house that they would ring when they needed to go potty.  We tried the bell in the Airstream, but it would clang around every time the door opened and was driving us nuts.  I gave it a good think and came up with a game buzzer that makes a sound and lights up when pushed.  After a few minutes of training and some treats for reenforcement, both pugs caught on.  

Murray pushes the button when he has to go out, while Otis pushes it when he wants a treat (which is all the time), when he wants lunch, is out of water, or is bored. 

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