Friday, January 31, 2014

Murray vs the Scrub Brush

While yet another snow storm passes through, I have been busy cleaning and arranging the twigs in our tiny nest.  Mr. UPS brought a box containing my new scrub brush and a really nifty 12 volt vacuum.  
I got to work eradicating the dirt that had worked into the floor during the last two years of construction.  I think the floor is at least two shades lighter now.

Occasionally Murray will take exception to random objects and give them a good scolding.  Apparently the scrub brush is one of these offensive items.  Brave Otis (who could care less) takes a sniff, reassuring Murray that it isn't going to come after him.  

Murray tentatively puts his lips on it, ready for it to strike like a viper.

It doesn't move.

He finally decides that it is time to mete out justice on the brush for scaring him and scampers under the trailer to sink his teeth in, but not before making sure that I am watching.

With a clean floor, I turn my attention to making the Airstream more comfortable. 

Every time I step into the shower, the metal floor is like stepping barefoot into the snow.  Last week I went into Target for a shower mat, but balked at the $13 price tag and went home without it.  

The next morning's shower strengthened my resolve to go back and pay the lousy 13 bucks.

Most of the time I pinch pennies till the Lincoln winces, and my trips to Target are no exception.  Last week I bought a set of plastic glasses and was truly annoyed that I had to pay full price. 

  When I returned to Target today, I noticed that those glasses were sold out and there was a sale tag where the glasses had been.  I had the receipt with me and Target gave me a price adjustment for the sale price.  

Target is awesome that way and I am no longer annoyed when I look at those cups.

I picked up some metal 3M hooks and affixed them to the back side of our hood ornament coat rack so we have a place for keys.  

The faucet in the trailer is defective and has sprung a leak, making for our first repair.

We are running out of things to do, so maybe something else will break or it will stop snowing and we can get out of here!

p.s. Thanks so much for shopping through my Amazon link!  You are such a blessing!

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