Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Won The Lottery!

The inverse lottery, that is.  

A few days ago I ordered a can of dry shampoo to test out in order to increase our boondocking time.  With our free trial of Amazon Prime, it should have been here yesterday, but the huge amounts of snow between here and the Amazon warehouse must have gummed things up in the timing department.  Mr UPS was supposed to drop off our new camp chairs today, but instead he showed up with two very small boxes.  I was going to be amazed if they fit in there.  I knew what was in the one and the other should have been my dry shampoo.  I had not washed my hair this morning specifically so that I could try it out and had not left the house in five full days... Big fun was about to go down!

 I ripped open the box and....


Yes sirree, a three month supply of Rogaine for men.  

See with the lottery, you buy a ticket and don't expect to get anything good out of it and are super happy if you do.  
In the inverse lottery, you have a right to expect the good thing that is coming, but wind up instead with Rogaine.  

Or a snapping turtle. 

See, I don't even need to watermark that masterpiece because it wouldn't make sense anywhere but here.  

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