Friday, January 3, 2014

Degrees are like Cheerios

Degrees are like Cheerios.

They either are or aren't.

When the car thermometer registered -13 degrees this morning, I reached a mental impasse.
I can understand if there are three degrees outside.  I can even understand if there are no degrees outside...but how can there be negative degrees?  You can't have a negative cheerio, right?

After there are no degrees, there is not really a point to counting how many non-degrees there are.  -13 is just as cold as 7 or 0.  By then the temperature has reached the "stupid cold" mark on the thermometer, which happens to be four degrees below the temperature at which pugs cannot go potty.

Murray in particular has to wind up in order to do his business.  Most dogs content themselves with one or two spins, but Murray has to do at least 7 spins, averaging somewhere around 12.  All of this spinning takes valuable seconds, so in by spin number 5 his little toes have frozen, causing him to pick all four feet up at the same time.  If you are familiar with gravity, you know this does not work well.  Murray winds up on his side or back, legs flailing as I dash out to pick him out of the snow drift he has become stranded in.

I bought a set of infant socks and tied them onto his little feet, which took him some getting used to.  He now has time for all twelve spins.

When it gets this cold out, Otis and Murray spend as much time as they can in front of the space heater trying out various tessellations.

One day next week we are supposed to have a high temp of -ridiculous.  

The pugs and I are trying really hard to convince hubs to let us move before then.   


  1. I have a pet parrot. I got him a couple of heating pads and he goes from pad to pad during the day to keep warm. I also got him a heated perch for nighttime but he won't sit on it, just close to it. Anyway maybe you should get the pugs some pads.

  2. Parrots are such smart critters! Thanks for the suggestion, Fran!