Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Curtains, Byam Hooks and -3 Degrees

Temperatures plummeted this week, reaching a high of -3° F both yesterday and the day before.

Whipping winds sculpted drifts and fields into works of art.  

Our Airstream is still inside the shop, so we are staying snug and toasty despite the howling storms outside.

Otis has an iron-clad stubborn streak, resulting in his refusal to do the big potty.  For about 40 hours.  The temperature finally rose to a relatively balmy 13° and he spent the morning laying pug eggs in the back field.  

Despite contracting the flu, our first week in the Airstream was a success.  For at least three days I was in a vegetative state, watching daytime TV.  By the end, I was ready to call several different law firms and sue for bad medical operations that I hadn't had done, and was learning Spanish through TeleMundo's version of Judge Judy. 

It was time get better and make myself useful.

Most of the thermal/blackout curtains are finished so I added the magnets.

Maybe I am being too picky, but I couldn't bear to put curtain rods up.  I didn't want floofy curtains all over the place, and the only time we would be using curtains anyway would be at night.  
So I bought two hundred magnets.  They are small rare-earth magnets with a countersunk hole that fits a rivet.  

After sewing more magnets into the curtain panel, the curtains go up.

They can be partially opened if needed.  

Today was laundry day and even the odds and ends got a wash, including the oven mitts which I hung to dry in the Airstream.  It seems as though there are never enough hooks.  

The bathroom is not finished yet, but there are a whole line of hooks that will be going up in there.

Speaking of hooks, hubs was getting rid of the original walls from the Airstream and removed these hooks. 

 I know the two on the right are the coveted "Byam Hooks", but I have no idea if the one on the left is special too.  I think I will sell the Byam hooks on Ebay, but it would be helpful to know if the one on the left should just be scrapped.  

We are checking off the little chores before we head out, and one of them is to make the table corners safer for pugs.  

Pugs aren't the most graceful creatures and are prone to eye injuries, so a couple of bucks on corner bumpers was well worth the price.

Otis already jabbed himself while jumping up, but hubs had just installed these rubber dealies and the big pug escaped unscathed.  

At least I don't have to worry about them sticking their fingers in the outlets.

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