Monday, January 6, 2014

A Sub-Zero Soiree

Overnight, nature threw a party to which humans weren't invited.  

The trees came with party hats on, 

and frosty fairies draped garland under the eaves.

One intrepid raccoon plowed his way through drifts en route to the festivities

while shrubs donned their finest garb and scuttled across field and hill to make it on time.

A lone lady hawk staked out a spot on a shivering tree branch and waited for any critters who hadn't done their grocery shopping the day before.  

It was pretty slim pickings, so she took to the winds and sailed effortlessly away.  

Meanwhile, the air was freezing in my lungs at -13º F as I became keenly aware that I was a stranger in a strange land and ill equipped for this particular party.  With a wind chill of -39º F, I scampered back inside and took a few minutes to become reacquainted with my fingers and nose.

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