Friday, December 6, 2013

Paradoxes and Amazon Boxes

I am stuck in a paradox!  Help!
It probably seems like I have become a materialistic black hole, sucking unsuspecting bargains into a place of no time or bank account balances...but also getting rid of most of our possessions.  
I have a perfectly good rationalized explanation.  

The things we owned previously were geared toward living a very stationary life.  We sold all of our furniture with the exception of a couch (anybody want to buy a white leather sectional?) and two chairs.  On the other hand, I find myself buying towing mirrors and leveling blocks.  The set of items that will be used daily has changed drastically, and we have a short amount of time to amass the things we have never needed before now.  So for maybe another month I will still be in MASSIVE CONSUMER MODE.  
The mode will be massive, not the consumer.  
Consumerism on a massive scale.
Oh, nevermind.  

It really does bother me, though, to be buying so much all at once.  We are trying to head more towards frugality and simplicity and right now we are just buying more stuff.  Functional and necessary stuff, but more stuff nonetheless.  The empty stuff-shipping-boxes are swirling around us.

So for the next month, we continue to live in not-our-house and not-our-airstream and there are more purchases to be made until (Lord-willing and the snow don't rise) we finally hit the road!!

In conclusion, this is temporarily a blog about buying stuff.  But soon, it will be a blog about traveling and rarely buying stuff.

Speaking of massive consumerism, I want to thank all of you who have been my Amazon links for your Christmas shopping and RV-habit shopping!  Each and every purchase is appreciated!

On a side note:
Yesterday I had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles three separate times.  Nobody would endure that level of frustration without it building to something good...
Another tribute to the efficiency of the DMV!

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