Thursday, December 26, 2013

I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as we did!  

This year was particularly nice as we agreed that, in lieu of gifts, we would donate to each other's charity of choice.  Of course the pug's favorite charity is their stomachs, so they got their fill of bones and toys. Not having a consumeristic build-up to Christmas made it so stress-free and we all were able to avoid the aggressive commercialism that plagues the months of November and December.  

Sorry, deranged chipper lady on TV who is singing at me to make me buy sweaters for my whole family...ply your trade elsewhere this year!

Hmm...don't I just sound like a snob.

The whole family got together for our annual White Elephant gift exchange and the coveted Betty Boop earmuffs made their every-other-year-or-so appearance once again.  After it was all over, I traded my hideous mug for a working cuckoo clock and somehow wound up with both the clock and the mug.  I need to work on my bargaining skills, it seems.

On to trailer happenings.

Over the weekend, I modified a mattress pad and a set of white flannel sheets (post-Christmas sales at Target are a great place to buy flannel sheet sets for $15 or less...(not to be confused with pre-Christmas consumerism ;)) to fit the odd length, width and curvature of our bed.  The blanket I left alone.  

Sorry for the really awful photo...I snatched it from a video I took of the trailer to show family.

Hubs continued work on the shower and now we have a faucet handle.  

For my next project, I purchased 100 magnets and eight yards of fabric today....I'll leave you to guess what those are for until next week!

The tally of sold items is slowly increasing as we finally parted with our snow blower and sectional sofa last week.  The couch was the very last of the big pieces, so now all that remains are two chairs and a push mower.  

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