Friday, December 20, 2013

I Buy Lightbulbs Because I Am Not Superman...or a cat

The closet is finally complete!  After one long-winded hiccup that required sending a door back to the cabinet maker for two months, it is now installed. 

It is really hard to take an accurate picture inside the Airstream.  It is impossible to get far enough away to take a photo without the lines going all crazy unless I drop some dough on another lens gadget.  Gadget dough being in short supply, you are going to have to make due with lots of pictures of the same thing from different angles.

After about a week of frigid temperatures and lots of snow, it finally warmed up enough to rain.  With the rain came thick fog, making for slow going on the roads.  

This is when the driver's side headlight of our Touareg decides to burn out.  

No problem, I'll just run to Auto Zone and grab a new bulb.  

$15 dollars and a bulb later, I feel pretty smug as I drive back to the shop to change it out.  I don't need an auto mechanic. I can do it myself!  I can't believe people actually get paid to change out headlight bulbs.

Half an hour, one broken wire harness clip, three screw drivers and an advil later, I call up the local auto shop and ask if they can change a headlight bulb for me in ten minutes.

The auto guy walks into the waiting area and tells me I brought the wrong bulb.  The one I need costs $98.  

WHAT?!?  98 bucks for a light bulb?!?  Will it spin my salad and wash my pantyhose too?!?  

I didn't really say pantyhose to the auto mechanic, but I thought it pretty loud.

I tell the nice auto man that I will look for the bulb elsewhere for a better price, then come back and have them install it.

Hoorah for Amazon!  I find the same bulb for $41 (which is still outrageous, but that is the price of not having night vision I guess) and now await SuperBulb to cut through sleet, rain and dark of night.  

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