Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to Spot Snow

From the time I became aware of cars, I have had a soft spot for cars from the fifties.  The more fins the better.  Since my dream of owning a vintage car will probably never happen, I decided to use a piece of one as a functional bit of flair.  I bought the hood ornament of a '55 Mercury off e-bay and hubs mounted it just inside the door to use as a coat hook:

Originally I was planning on mounting my three nautical pieces by the kitchen sink, but with the curved wall they all angled down and were hard to read.  This was the only flat piece of available wall, and they looked all cozy tucked in there, so it was an easy decision.  

I don't know if you can read the barometer in the middle, but the arrow is leaning towards rain.  
Rain + Indiana in winter =

This is the most snow we have gotten in maybe two years, making the roads slippy and Murray frisky.

That is his bat-doo-crazy face.  It usually only happens after he does his "business" or is trying to hump Otis.  
Poor Otis.  
He counters with his "I'm gonna kill you" face...

...and then takes a big chomp on Murray's rear end.  
They have such a good relationship.

Speaking of good relationships, I love my hubby!  He has been working really hard the past few weekends to get things wrapped up on the trailer, including finishing installing the solar panels!  They are nearly invisible up there!  The green shows where they are:

Two in the front and two in the back!
Hubs spent today wiring the solar stuff while I tried to change a headlight in the Touareg.  

Murray watched all of this with his usual contemplative stare.

After managing to remove the headlight housing but not the bulb, I moved on to less frustrating quests.  Namely, adding the shelves that we bought last month at Ikea to our closet.

It snowed several more inches while we worked and the plows hadn't done their thing yet, so we got to test out the T-reg in the snow.  What a fun car to drive! 

OH! I almost forgot!  We sold our other car this week, inching us closer to clearing out and leaving!

So long!

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