Monday, December 16, 2013

Cushion Smooshin

A few months ago I bought a white leather hide for seat cushions, and then last week I bought a walking foot sewing machine in order to make them.  

Major Fail.

The machine arrived with broken parts and not functional.  The sewing machine is going back, but my friend "J" offered her walking foot machine and help in putting the cushions together!

  She is amazing and spent the entire day pretty much doing it for me.  

After tracing around each cushion piece on the wrong side, I added 5/8", took a deep breath, and cut the hide. 

It takes a while to get used to that beast of a machine and after one or two pretty sorry seams by me, she came to the rescue.

We then clipped and trimmed the excess, flipped it right side out...

and covered the cushions in garbage bags.

"J" explained that it helped when stuffing the cover so that the foam doesn't stick to the inside of the cover.  Brilliant!  It really made all the difference.  Once the foam was in, we went in and ripped the bags out.  

So after a long day of cutting, stitching, smooshing, mashing and laughing, we produced two leather-clad cushions!   


  1. Love your blog, especially the pug shots!

  2. Thanks Melissa! Pugs make everything better :)

  3. What is your secret for taking pictures of metal?? Looks great!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I don't know that there is a really a secret, but using a longer exposure and having a colored light source helps.