Monday, December 2, 2013

RV and Backpacking Equipment Sales!

This week Amazon is having some cyber Monday sales (strangely, not confined just to Monday) on nifty and useful RV gadgets.  Here are just a few:


MSR Backpacking Water Filter - regularly $70, will go on sale at 11:40 Friday morning (I own this and have been very pleased with its performance!)


Tagg pet tracker - regularly $99, on sale for $69 11 am Thursday

leveling blocks - regularly $37, on sale for $29.59 for the next few hours

Midland walkie talkies (we have these ... very handy!) - regularly $58, on sale for $48 for another two hours

auto code reader / transmission temp / fuel gauge dealie - regularly $136, will be on sale this morning for $115, but is going fast

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