Monday, November 25, 2013

Two out of Four

Notice anything?  I mean, other than the Airstream being really dusty...

There are now solar panels on the roof!  I am so pleased with how the panels can hardly see them when standing on the ground.

There are two on so far, with another two yet to go.

It was fun helping hubs get them ready.  The panels were sent with two cords coming out of a box on the underside that had to be wired into another cord, necessitating the use of shrink-wrap material to make everything waterproof.  I thought maybe my hair dryer would get hot enough to activate the shrinkage, but it barely got warm.  Since it was about 50 degrees in the shop, I then used the hair dryer to thaw my nose and cheeks.  

I got to play with the propane torch!  Hubs showed me what to do and left me alone with the big fire.  

Please do not take the above picture as any kind of endorsement of Notre Dame.  It is not.  Hubs wears that sweatshirt to keep him warm when doing grimy projects.  It is the perfect use for Notre Dame apparel.  The hat is a different story...

On an unrelated topic, we sold our Toyota Camry a couple of months back, and while detailing the car to sell it, I did some hunting for a potion to remove minor scratches and rust staining from below the door handle.  I bought Meguiar's Scratch-X and was really pleased with how well it worked.  I also tried it out on a yellowing headlight and it noticeably cleared that up too.  
Since our VW Touareg was not a new car, there were some scratches and I had a whole bottle of Scratch-X to use up.



It was really hard to capture just how effective this stuff is.  It minimized the big scratch and does a great job of getting rid of the little swirly scuff marks too.  


  1. How many watts of solar powered-ness did you go for? I went for 150W...

  2. Hi Mark! We are installing 100 watt panels, so 400 watts all together.