Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sputnik Goes: Anywhere but Chicago

If ever there was an endangered species of car, it would be the Volkswagen Touareg.  

I have narrowed our future tow vehicle down to a black 2008 with tan interior.  To match the pugs, of course.  Because if you have ever tried vacuuming dog hair out of a vehicle of the opposite color, you know that it is a lost cause.

Using searchtempest (craigslist), I have scoured Indiana, southern Michigan and parts of Illinois without much success.  The only den of Touaregs seems to be in Chicago, a city that we have learned from experience not to ever drive through.  Ever.  Not even if zombie bats are chasing you.  Come to think of it, especially not if zombie bats are chasing you, because Chicago is probably where they live. 

The above is Otis (with the hat and glasses) and Murray (back right) with Tater, a pug friend (in the orange harness).

Yesterday we pulled into a used car lot located within our usual stomping grounds and I did some vigorous fist-pumping and woo-hooing as we parked two cars down from a silver Touareg.  I got out of the car and scampered over to it only to realize that it was the one car in that sea of cars that did not have a price sticker on it.  
It belonged to the salesman.  
I spent several minutes trying to convince him to sell it to us.  It didn't work.

So if you have a black (or possibly silver) 2008 VW Touareg with a factory tow package and tan interior and are interested in selling it to me, please let me know.   

Thank you. 

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