Friday, November 15, 2013

Sputnik Gets a Touareg

 We had no choice.  I had found the exact car I wanted at the right price, forcing us to drive into Chicago.  In order to soften the blow, we first drove to Ikea where we had swedish meatballs and smoked salmon in the most expensive cafeteria lunch ever.  It was worth it.  That hour was a good detox from the driving we had just done and we were able to pick up a few things for the Airstream.  

I took a picture in the parking lot, but it wasn't very exciting so I fixed it.

After some white-knuckle driving, we arrived at the Mini Cooper dealership near downtown.  There I got my first glimpse at the only thing that could ever lure me into Chicago:

A 2008 Volkswagen Touareg II with a V8 engine and tow package.

The outside is a beautiful dark charcoal and the inside is beige.

After a test drive by hubs and thorough nit-picking by me, we settled on a price with the sales lady.  It was already as low as the dealership was willing to go, due to a recently fired manager who took it in on a trade when he wasn't supposed to. I had been watching this particular car online as the price kept dropping and it finally it was within our budget.  After some svelte negotiating, I talked her down a cool $1.12.  Yes, one dollar and twelve cents.  I should get an award for that kind of bargaining skill.

While the paper work was being drawn up, we had time to peruse their stock of Minis.  

I have to admit, those are sweet little cars.  There was one convertible that had the wildest speedometer I have ever seen:

That big round dial in the center of the dash went all the way up to 160 mph.  I wonder if that isn't being a little optimistic. 

We waited at the dealership for another hour after we were done because it was smack in the middle of rush hour and figured we may as well just sit in the parking lot and test out all of the bells and whistles instead of sitting in traffic.  Neither of us were in any mood to eat or explore.

After a tense three hours and one very wrong turn that landed us in a shady part of town, we were finally home.  I drove my '98 Chevy Lumina and hubs drove the Touareg.  I am proud of my little car for making that heroic journey and thankful to God for protecting us the whole way.
  By the time we got home, rigermortis had nearly set it.  I had gotten very little sleep the night before because of dread and anticipation and had just enough energy to shovel dinner down and go to bed.  

The next morning I had to look out the window to make sure it wasn't just a terrible and wonderful dream.  

There it was!

We ran errands in it and felt so spoiled.  Heated leather seats (my favorite feature), real burled wood accents, a backup camera...this thing has every possible feature.  I kept thinking that this car was way too nice for me.  Only rich people have cars like this!  
We are not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but buying the T-reg a few years used made the bulk of depreciation somebody else's problem.  Plus we got it at a fantastic price, plus my $1.12 discount.

Otis tested it out and it meets his Pug-Shui.  His only complaint is that the seats are a little slippy because of the leather.