Monday, November 4, 2013

"Come Undervalue My Stuff, Please!"


In preparation to downsize our living space to one eighth of its former size, we are trying to sell nearly everything we own.  Over the weekend we moved every stick of furniture and nearly all of the things on our shelves and walls into the garage. When we took apart our bed frame and moved it out, I had a second or two of "oh my goodness what have we done??" which I consciously pitted against "but think what we will be able to do!". I found it to be very uncomfortable having strangers walk into our garage and look through our stuff.  It wasn't that  we were tired of these things and were selling them because we no longer liked them...we were selling them despite the fact that we still liked them.

These twigs that I had so carefully padded our nest with were being viewed as garage sale fodder by most people that showed up.  Over the course of the weekend there were a few odd moments as some folks tried to buy things that clearly weren't for sale.  One pointed to a trailer in the neighbor's yard and asked "How much?".  Another enterprising fellow came up to me while I was vacuuming a rug (with a very nice vacuum, mind you) and offered me $20 for the vacuum...while I was using it!  Putting all of the things that we have used and enjoyed out in the open for strangers to rummage through is not exactly a happy experience.
On the other hand, we met some very sweet neighbors for the first time that we hit it off with.  Leaving this neighborhood will be bittersweet.  Mowing the yard ranks pretty high on the list of most-hated activities, but we will miss some of our neighbors very much.

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