Friday, October 4, 2013

To the Scales!

Today we let Sputnik out of the shop for the first time in two years!

Earlier in the day we purchased full-timer's insurance, got temporary trailer plates, and got started with sorting out the title.

Our first stop was to the local truck scales to see how much she weighed.

Maybe you can tell from the above picture, but her tongue is a little on the heavy side.  560 pounds, to be exact.  Her overall weight is about 3800 lbs, so we need to do some distributing.  

While hubs and FIL took care of all the scale stuff, a friendly and very curious Amish fellow came over and started asking scads of questions.  Apparently he used to deliver supplies to Airstream and he himself owns a fifth-wheel.  Yes, an Amish guy.  I would be really curious to see how he pulls it.

Our next stop was to the police station to get some title issues resolved.  Somewhere along the line of previous owners, one letter had been switched in the vin number (a D had somehow become an S!) and when we had the title transferred to us and the obligatory police inspection took place, the cop took one look at the title and vin plate, said "hm.  They don't match. Oh well." and wrote down what had been on the previous title.  
Since it had been one cop who wrote down the incorrect vin number, now the DMV required TWO cops to look at it, presumably doubling the number of cops each time it got messed up.  It better not get messed up again, since our little town doesn't even have four cops on staff!

So I walked into the police department and spoke to the nice man behind the bullet proof glass.  I told him that I needed to have two officers come and look at my trailer which is parked right outside.  He replied that I needed to pick up the red phone on the wall and tell the dispatcher in a whole different city that could I please have two officers who I can see through the window come out and look at my trailer.  

Thank goodness for Red Tape.

With our plucky little trailer in tow, we drove "home" and tucked Sputnik safely back in her bay until we can take her out again for some real fun!

On a side note, I saw what I believe to be four late 40's, early 50's Buick Roadmaster Rivieras, two in jet black and two in a light bluish aqua, in a caravan going past my house today.  I. nearly. died.

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