Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Meaning of Life

Ask any pug what the meaning of life is and they will be quick to answer:


My pugs will do anything for it.  Anything.  The hope of cheese is enough to get them through baths, nail trims, eye drops, having their temperature taken at the vet...anything that requires that they be held in place while something unpleasant is simultaneously happening.

After the unhappy moment is over and one pug is freed, they both scamper buzzing and twirling into the kitchen like little malfunctioning go carts, then do their best imitation of "sit" until I rain  slivers of cheese on their heads, which is met with gaping smiles and lots of lip smacking.  In other words, they both get cheese for the reward of the one.

Yesterday Hubs got a small shard of metal in his eye, which required a trip to the eye doctor to have it removed.  The doctor gave him some goop that I have to put in his eye twice a day because he is really squeamish about anything being near his eyes and psyches himself out.

Last night he laid down in bed so I could get the stuff in his eye.  With one hand on his forehead and the other holding the little bottle of eye goop, I looked over and noticed that both pugs were staring intently at this situation and Otis was wagging slowly.  I thought it odd, but dismissed it as I administered the eye medication.  As soon as I said "You are doing good...Okay all done" both pugs bolted for the kitchen and did their little spin/buzz/sit routine in front of the fridge!

They firmly believed that they deserved a cheese reward for Hub's misfortune.

What a couple of Gimme Gimmies!!


  1. Loved this post so much, I had to read it to my hubby. Our girlie Bassett Hound absolutely adores cheese too. By the way, did your Hubs get some cheese too! ;)

  2. Thanks Gris! Hubs got no cheese. I think maybe he got a beer though.