Monday, October 28, 2013

The First Bit of Emotional Angst

This past week has been a hard one for me.  I am sorting through our clothes and other belongings, deciding what we actually need and what will be a hinderance.  Most of the furniture and decorative objects were easy to put in the "don't need" pile, making our big garage sale unemotional. 

Even when I went through my closet,  most of the clothes were easy to purge and I didn't have more than one purse and a few pieces of jewelry that I wanted to keep.  

Then came the shoes.

Weeding through my shoes actually made me feel sick.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I got a pit in my stomach as I made the funerary procession to the garage with a bin full of shoes.  

They are just SHOES, for crying out loud!  Why do I feel so wretchedly resistant about getting rid of them? All told, I kicked over twenty pairs of shoes to the curb.  I feel disgusted by that number.  Who has enough feet or occasions to wear twenty pairs of shoes in a month?  

Then there are the pairs that I am keeping.  Eight in total.  This is still an absurd number of shoes.  When I look at these last eight pairs, I feel stuck.

Do I really need two pairs of white heels?  What about the two pairs of sneakers?  

For guys who may be reading this, the whole shoe debacle probably seems like a non-event.  "You had too many shoes; you got rid of some.  The feel-good story of the year."  

For the ladies reading this, hopefully you can sympathize.  Please tell me I am not crazy for feeling emotional attachment to footwear. 

September 16


  1. No - you're not crazy - BUT NOW GET RID OF THEM :-)))

  2. I would argue that you should consider bringing a couple pairs of sandals or flip flops, too! I brought about 4-5 pairs of sandals with me and I'm tossing one pair out about every month or two as I wear them out or they get too dusty and dirty. White sandals? Those won't stay clean for long!