Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Big Bucks

Major and minor purchases have been coming in this week, including the solar panels and accompanying electronics.  

Four 100 watt panels from AM Solar arrived:

Try not to stare at the gray dots in each white patch between the cells! 

I did rather a lot of research about these panels before ordering.  They are manufactured by Grape Solar and have a part number of GS-S-100.  I got all excited when I saw what I thought were the same panels on Amazon for only $210 each.  They had the same GS-S-100 number and everything!  Then I looked a little closer and noticed that nowhere in the listing was actually a mention of Grape Solar and the dimensions were different than those of the authentic panel.  After talking to the nice people at AM Solar, who talked to Grape Solar, it became clear that somebody on Amazon was trying to pull a fast one.  

The foam for the bed and seats came in a little while ago and I am so happy with it! We opted for a layer of dense foam with a layer of softer foam on top.  The result is a very comfy bed and cushions. 

Total cost for all of the foam was around $80.

 I also got the leather for the cushions and it is lovely!

Our license plate came in the mail and is ready to be mounted to the bracket on the back.  Do you suppose our trailer can count as "historic"? 

Which reminds me of a very interesting encounter at the DMV last year.  While I was trying to get the title transferred, I (stupidly) asked which part of the trailer had to be original in order for it to be considered the same trailer.  The DMV lady nearly choked on her Big Gulp as the entire room went quiet.  
Her response? "We are going to pretend we didn't hear that." 
Apparently the bureaucrats haven't come up with a rules manual on that subject yet, leaving their desk jockey front-men to hem and haw and squirm when such a question is asked.  
In that case, I am going to pretend that I don't need to pay their road tax and we will call it even.

Once again, a big thank you to all those who have made Amazon purchases through my store!  


  1. Congrats on the solar, can't wait to see you guys on the road!

  2. Just curious, where did you get the foam from and what type of foam is it?

    1. Hey Grant,

      My father-in-law got it from one of his local RV supply dealers...I don't know the name. Not sure what type it is either. Wow, I am just a fountain of non-information, aren't I? Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!