Monday, October 14, 2013

The Almost Cat

In theory, I am not really a cat person.  I love dogs.  Cats are, well, catty.  They don't come running to greet you and will try very hard to ignore you until they want something from you.  Then they are pests about it.  

This was my opinion of cats until this fellow wandered into our yard:

See, there were a few promiscuous outdoor cats in our neighborhood who produced several litters in a short amount of time which resulted in our subdivision being inundated with little homeless kitties.  Probably twenty or twenty-five, all told.  On an average summer evening they could be seen darting between houses, playing large games of tag where everybody is "it", and getting it on right in front of our shed.  I was indifferent to the feline herds until this cat showed up.  He was just a little guy and obviously starving for love.  He came around whenever we were outside and tried to worm his way into our hearts, starting with the garage.  He was going to be a house cat.  Our house cat.

He is such a quirky creature.  When he is happy to see somebody, he purrs, puffs out his tail, and drools while rubbing against them.  He likes to lick fingers, which inevitably turns into this:

I was starting to get attached.

We have tried the cat thing before.  Before we got Murray, Otis had made it very plain that he wanted his own kitty.  We got him one and he was thrilled.  He would do his very best to use the cat as a pillow, curl up with it, give it kisses...the poor cat just laid as still as possible and looked terrified.  I quickly discovered that I was very allergic to this particular cat and could hardly breathe with it in the house.  We had to give the cat back to the people it came from.  Otis was heartbroken.  

One month later, Murray came into our lives.  Otis still asks for his own cat.

Anyway, I posted an ad on Craigslist and a very sweet family responded that they wanted the cat.  They were willing to drive more than an hour each way just to come get him!  

I am so happy that he found a warm home with people who will love him!

It is bittersweet to let this one go.

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