Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Oven and Templates

Today I made the patterns for the bed and dinette seat foam so that it could be ordered and arrive by the time the leather for the cushions came in.  

Hubs and FIL installed the Suburban gas stove and oven, which is about the size of an easybake oven.

I put safety glasses in the oven for scale.

I can bake at least nine pairs of safety glasses at once.

Really, though, the oven and stove top are quite an acceptable size.  Sure beats a convection microwave.  We got the larger size oven which has a broil feature (that little opening at the bottom) because we like tuna melts and broil jalapenos pretty regularly.

This means that the kitchen of the Airstream is complete!  

September 25, 2013

You may start to notice that the dates are a little behind the day each post is published.  This will be a trend.

Once again, THANK YOU to all who are purchasing items through my Amazon store!  Each purchase is greatly appreciated!

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