Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ready for the Goblins

The drawer fronts and push knobs are on!  

Surprise!  I love that sneaky bit of color.

The above are a few of the leather samples for the dinette cushions.  I got more in the mail this week and a 60 sq. foot white cow hide is on its way from Dave at More Than Leather.  If these swatches look a little worse for the wear, it is because for the past few days I have been scratching them with keys, rubbing them with peanut butter, hairspray, grass; all in an effort to see which would stand up the best to pugs.  They may not look it, but our hairy little raisin goblins pack quite a destructive punch just by being themselves.  The don't chew things they aren't supposed to or have accidents in the house, but they careen around here like bowling balls leaving hair, eye boogies, water drips, pug snot and other less mentionable things in their wake. 

But I love them and are happy to use them as an excuse to get some beautiful white leather seating.

I am even willing to go with holes in my socks due to pug cuteness.

A big thank you to those who have purchased items through my Amazon store!

Recent purchases include a subscription to National Geographic!  

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