Thursday, September 19, 2013

Push Knobs and the Fridge

After watching this video, I began to rethink the big bank of drawers under the kitchen counter.  That is a lot of banging going on and I am envisioning everything in those drawers flying open and spewing their contents everywhere.  

I was adamant about not having knobs or pulls that stick out because I am a big klutz and run into things even in our big house where I have plenty of room to navigate.  My husband can attest, I have walked into door frames while preoccupied.  Little jabby knobs all along the only place I could walk is not a good idea.  Besides, Murray and I are about evenly matched in our ability to avoid objects (bulgy pug eyes + sharp corner = expensive trip to vet!).  A push latching mechanism was off the table because it would result in finger prints all over the drawers.  I knew exactly what I wanted, now I just had to find out if somebody had invented it.  

This is a push knob:

It can be flush with the cabinet face...

 or it pops out to make a nice handle!

Hubs got the fridge in...

Look at all that room!