Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sputnik's Chandelier

The Sputnik chandelier is finally in!  It runs on 12 volts, has LED bulbs, and really makes the airstream feel like home to me.

 Are you ready for a long and rambling story about LED lights?  

Once upon a time Princess Rivet ordered three rolls of LED strip lights on Troll-bay from someplace in China.  Many months later, when the time came for Princess Rivet to hook them up, she discovered that someplace in China had sent two warm white rolls and one bright white roll. There was much stamping of the feet and muttering that ensued, giving rise to the legend of Rumpelstiltskin.  Two weeks ago, Princess Rivet ordered one more roll of warm white LED strip lights from someplace else in China to make up for the one that got switched.  When the new roll came by way of the US Post Vulture today, she hooked them up and discovered that someplace else in China had sent a bright white LED roll.  Princess Rivet nearly blew a gasket, then thought about it for a few minutes, finally solving her problem by switching a warm white strip elsewhere in her aluminum castle for the bright white one.  Thus, she finished the moat-side overhead cabinet and lived happily ever after.

The End.

I can't stop looking at that light.  It is one of those things that hits me just the right way.

And now for the most uninspiring picture of all time:

Yea, thanks Princess Rivet.  A big white square.

If you must know, it is the dinette table, with aluminum edging on and everything.  I am just waiting for the legs to arrive, then it goes in!


  1. Very funny! LOVE the chandelier.

  2. What an entertaining story, and so eloquently told. Same thing happened to my Price Riveting! And instead of stamping, he huffed and puffed and almost blew the aluminum skin off of our '68 sovereign!

  3. Love this. Can you share which LED bulbs you used and details about the quality of light? Thanks!

  4. I wired in T10 sockets and bulbs. I think your light quality would vary greatly by what bulbs you purchased.

  5. Please share where you found the chandelier. I have been searching for something unique for my 64 Tradewind and coming up empty handed! The only 12V lighting I can find is usually cheap and plastic! Yuck!

    1. I custom ordered the lamp without the wiring, then wired in the lights myself. Got it from Ebay. I know what you mean about 12 volt lights!