Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Clean Your Cobb Grill

We have owned a Cobb grill for over a year now and still use it about once or twice a week.  This has resulted in a pretty stubborn layer of black that has coated the inside of the grill.  Even though I scrubbed it with soap and hot water after each use, the black on the walls was burnt on really well.

I took this "before" picture with that day's hamburger grease in the bottom.
Just so you know I'm not gross.

I scrubbed it with a no-scratch pad and dish soap to no avail.  I tried several other stainless steel and grill cleaners but nothing would take that black off.  I had pretty much given up on my grill ever looking clean again until I cleaned my shower this week.  I had also been dealing with rust stains in my tub and tried using some Bar Keepers Friend with stellar results.  The fiberglass tub and shower looked brand new.  It also shined up the faucets, so I gave it a try on the Cobb.


This was after about half an hour of scrubbing at 100 grilling sessions worth of gunk.  I couldn't be happier!  

It worked on the inside of the dome cover too!  

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