Saturday, July 6, 2013

An Evening at the Races

Nappanee, Indiana is best known as an Amish town.  If you are visiting, or your car has broken down on the way to someplace more interesting, there are plenty of touristy businesses that are happy to empty your wallet while telling you how quaint Nappanee could be if only you would go to Amish Acres.  
Or you can do the things that don't show up on all of the tourist brochures.  
One such event is the Trotting-bred races that happen almost every Friday and Saturday during the summer at the Nappanee Raceway.  

Admission is a few bucks (or free if you show up late enough) and it is a low-key way to spend an evening.  If you want to get a good look at real Amish and "jerked-overs" (those that left the Amish church to buy brightly-colored sports cars and Hollister t-shirts), this is the place to be.

Yes, that is an El Camino being used as the pace car.  Ascot this is not, so don't wear your fancy hat, but come with your quad chair and enjoy the show.

And now for something completely different:

 This ponderous pest ran smack into the back door, then thrashed about on its back while emitting rasping sounds only a exoskeletoned mesomorph could.

Known as a Fig Beetle or Junebug, both the top and the bottom have an iridescent quality that make you want to start a bug collection.  

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