Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Through the Looking-Porthole

From day one, a porthole in the bathroom door was a must. Not because I'm a creeper...I didn't want to see anything through it, just let light through.  

Somebody on Etsy is selling a pre-made port hole for $100 (each) that I liked the look of.  

But $100? Hubs already thought I was being too extravagant.  He was beginning to say no to a porthole entirely.  My trailer chi was being thrown into a tailspin!! Why could nobody understand how important a hole in the bathroom door was???

For months I racked my brain trying to come up with a cheaper (i.e. husband-approved) way to get my porthole. 
This place sells just the outside rings for $38.50 each.  Still too much.

Then finally it dawned on me:  Electric stove top trim rings!

After searching every hardware store and Dollar General in the area, only Amazon had the kind without the dish attached or sections taken out of the inside of the ring.

Two $5 rings later, I had a pretty swanky porthole.  Okay, ten bucks..some gloobage...some frosted acrylic (leftovers from another project)...

Hubs cut two panels and put a hole in each.  Next, we used some adhesive gloobage to adhere the acrylic to the back side of each panel.  We also added strips of panel at the corners (not shown) to make sure it could never fall off even if it wanted to.

Both sides got stapled onto the frame...

...then we then skinned the door with the last bits of aluminum from our stockpile...

...and added the trim rings.  

The door is all ready to go in!

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