Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sputnik stayed home, but we went to Wolf Lake

We went to the swap meet at Wolf Lake in northern Indiana, which occurs about four times each summer.  Vendors usually arrive the night before and the place is buzzing the next morning by 5.  By noon, all of the good stuff is gone and most people have left or are packing up.  

You can buy pretty much anything imaginable at Wolf Lake.  Need a live camel? A fainting goat?  

This morning's entries included some pet prairie dogs...

pot bellied pigs...

lots (and lots) of puppies, kittens, plants, tools, parrots, hedgehogs, and of course snakes. 

I also ran across this life-size Beefeater statue. 

One of my favorites were the foxes.  For $450 you could take one of these little fellows home.


The next two swap meets are on July 6th and August 17th and are held in Ligonier, Indiana.

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