Thursday, June 27, 2013


The bathroom with the toilet in place (but not installed):

The other side of the bathroom with the door cut out:

The curb side cabinets are in:

The overhead cabinet is covered in white vinyl and will have sliding doors in the openings.  There were four inches left over above the fridge, so we made a drawer.

If anybody needs some nice full-extension ball bearing slides at a great price, look here.

Our spacious closet.  The drawer at the bottom goes in the kitchen base.
The opening to the left is the slide-out kitchen pantry, with space below for a small trash can.

Two of the four speakers are installed.  Notice all of the holes in the bathroom wall?  We did that to reduce the weight.  I would say that it saved about 15 lbs all together.

These pictures are from a while ago.  Since then, the drawer fronts were picked up and the bottom row has been installed.  The bathroom door is installed and half the outside bath wall is in place.  

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