Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Allium Hair

Gardening is one of those things that either bites you or it doesn't.  It bit me big time and now there are few things I enjoy more than the smell of good dirt.  I love unusual flowers so it was perfectly natural for me to single out the Allium genus as a favorite.  It started with a variety that I picked up at a local greenhouse, then I got some Gladiator Allium, theAllium Shubertii, until I would up with around ten varieties.  When I found out about Allium Hair a few years ago I bought a small packet of bulblets from ebay, planted them, and impatiently waited for the next spring.  All I got were leaves.  The next year the same thing happened and I forgot that I had planted them there.  Then this spring, apparently they grew enough to produce a flower!  

Behold!  Allium Hair!

Have you ever seen anything so wonderfully bedraggled?!? It is like I am growing muppets in my garden!

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