Friday, May 31, 2013

WALLS!  We have WALLS!  Like real civilized folk, we have turned our future home from a one room house to a TWO room house.  If the closet can count as a room, we will eventually have three!  

That is only the back side of this:

The left side of our spacious bathroom...
and now the right:

Lesson one in RV logic:

Something can be logical without being true.  


You could fit billions of microbes in that bathroom.  A billion is a lot, therefore our bathroom must be big.

As I mentioned before, the lids to the dinette benches are in.  The non-curved ones have hinges and open for storage.  They could also fit billions of microbes.

When the 12 volt receptacles arrived, I knew something would have to be done.  Cheap black plastic is not going to fly in my dreammobile.  

I bought blank plates that matched the aluminum ones (from Lowe's) and had holes drilled in them to fit the 12 volt plugs.

I picked up the box of ball bearing full-extension drawer slides (with a 75 lb capacity) today for a really good deal.  I only need 10 pairs and I now have 50 pairs, so I will put them on E-bay maybe next week.  Anybody need some drawer slides?

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