Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last week I ordered the sink and today it made it to the shop.
Isn't it pretty?  Or would it be they?  I searched high and low for a double round sink and finally found one for a very reasonable $109 (shipping included).  It came in an enormous box, and when I opened it, there was an equally enormous sink staring back at me.

Don't let the face it's making fool you.  It is a very nice sink.
My tendency to anthropomorphize things got the best of me.
I had measured the sink out and really wanted a large one with two sides but it still surprised me with its enormousness. 

That is a full sized Nalgene bottle.  

These past two weeks or so have been a bit frustrating since I am a little out of my league with the work that needs to be done.  It is no longer obvious to me what needs to happen next.  Fortunately, this is what hubs does for a living, so I just walk around and cluck while he actually gets work done.  

Aren't these the best light switches ever?  

Much better than those ugly plastic RV switches.  

Our floor space is starting to fill up fast!  

Long story short, hubs is doing exciting and worthwhile things.  I made two acres of grass slightly shorter.

The countertop has been ordered, the kitchen cabinet base will be set this week and the shower pan will hopefully follow.  We're cooking with gas now!

A big thank you to my wonderful husband of 5 years!  Happy Belated Anniversary!

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