Friday, May 3, 2013

In the past week or so we got the water heater in, the furnace arrived, some other miscellaneous materials came and we got the framing for the face of the kitchen cabinets done.
I also chose the counter top material.  The choices were stainless steel, laminate, and solid surface acrylic.  The stainless was expensive, heavy, and did not come in the length we needed, so there would be a seam somewhere in the counter top.  The acrylic would have weighed over 150 pounds for the counter top and table and it would have cost upwards of $600.  We decided that laminate was the stuff for us and are going with a unique white with subtle textural lines in it.
I probably won't be showing pictures of our trailer for a while, but don't worry...I will post lots when it is finished!

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