Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The ceiling lights are in!  I love (love love) them.  Yes, they are deserving of THREE loves.  The bases are recessed metal with LED bulbs, and the covers are a quality frosted glass.  You can't tell from the picture, but they look like little UFOs hovering on the ceiling.  I ran out of rivets (again) so those holes at the top will all get filled when I clean the local hardware store out of rivets for the 3rd time.  (They must be wondering why they sell out every single week.)  

The reading lights are in, but I need to pick up screws that are the right length.  What came with the light was baffling.  Included were two really long screws that didn't match at all, a bulb, a suction cup and no directions.  The word for "plastic base" and "suction cup" must be very similar in Chinese.

I like the light though.  It is actual metal, not plastic and very bright.  For some reason it emits pink light out of the slots on the sides.  

The window trim is finished and should arrive this week, the water heater comes next week and the cabinet stiles have been ordered and should be here some time in the next two weeks.  

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